Parks and Recreation

A Defining Episode

Keeping this post short and sweet. Over the past few weeks, I’ve enjoyed catching up on the mockumentary Parks and Recreation. Often times, individuals will point to a particular episode within a series that validates its merit as a whole. A defining episode so to speak. This episode, then, is subsequently used to lure in the skeptic with the aim of converting him or her into a fan. While I wish this were the case with my pick for this series, the episode I have fallen in love with does quite the opposite. Two Parties revels in drawing upon the character relationships, both large and small, fleshed out in the show’s previous seasons. In doing so, minor characters come back in some extremely hilarious circumstances that reward the invested fan rather than convince the distant skeptic. Was a pleasure to watch and an episode I will surely revisit with time. Catan, the Indianapolis Colts and steak dinners surely do come together in true comedic fashion.


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