A Reflection on Settling Stress

On Settling

I dislike not working. Similarly, I dislike working an undesirable job. In both cases, an ugly and anxiety-provoking individual makes himself known. Restlessness is the worst of friends and he often accompanies me on the couch between gigs. Whether that be for a few days or a few weeks, his stay is always unwelcome. He’s the type of unwanted company who sours the fun of watching your favorite TV show. The fella who can’t pick up on social cues and continues to remind you that you have no reason to drink and celebrate. One who plants doubt in the back of your brain as you slog through yet another day of unfulfilling work or applications. A jerk who provokes with so many questions yet offers no solutions. How then does one sweep Restlessness out the front door, onto the street, across the lawn of those pesky neighbors, up that long hill (a one time, non-Sisyphean effort please!) and into the dump from where he came? Clearly, through discovering work that cultivates genuine meaning with one’s vision and passion. And then doing so for a solid chunk of one’s life. However, that requires intermediate steps. To reach those intermediate steps, one first needs to learn how to settle. Settling is not a wave of the white flag, the tossing in of a towel or the admittance that a dream is out of reach. It’s simply an acknowledgment that certain aspects of life are firmly as well as temporarily in place. Will I remain unemployed forever? Will I work an undesirable job until the end of my days? Will I ever taste the sweet nectar of the fabled dream job? Settling will provide foundations upon which you build towards that dream job. Don’t be afraid to settle in certain aspects of life. Accepting this fact will provide perspective about the continuous journey to make it to that passionate work. As well as the tools to kindly (or not so kindly) remove Restlessness from your premises. Then, motivation that enables you to continually break that dream profession anew with your distinct ability or vision. So for now, I accept to settle. In doing so, I know that I’m soundly putting myself closer to my goal. And coming to terms with my temporary and current situation of looking for work. Goodbye for now Restlessness. I hope you never, ever come back to ruin Parks and Rec for me again.


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