Little Things Reflection

Little Things

No major happenings. Simply a pair of memorable little things from the day.

Little Thing One 

Nodding off in the shade of my grandfather’s patio this afternoon, a cool breeze rustles both he and I awake.

“Know what Nick?”

Yawning, I slowly gaze his way.

“What’s that Pop Pop.”

“I’m now three times your age.”

“Three times my age, huh?”



I notice how we both cross our legs as we sit. His gray hair parts in the same direction as mine. He’s off in his calculation. And I’m just realizing that as I write this post. He is 92. I am 24.

Little Thing Two 

Taking a break from job applications, I glance at my phone. A text from a dear friend lights up the screen. I shoot a brief message back. Then another message. Much more sarcastic in tone. Shortly thereafter, my phone buzzes. Laughter erupts from the wit of her quick reply. I’m grateful for some sass in my life.

Little things matter. Cherish them.


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