Hollywood Sign Hike

Hollywood Sign Hike | Beachwood Drive to Hollywood Sign

NOTE: Hiking to the Hollywood Sign from Beachwood Drive is no longer possible.

Situated on Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills area of the Santa Monica Mountains, the Hollywood Sign rests high above Los Angeles. Both a landmark of American culture and an icon associated with the City of Angels, the Hollywood Sign offers casual hikers magnificent views and an opportunity to cement their place alongside a globally recognized symbol of American cinema. In this post, I highlight the Beachwood Drive to Hollywood Sign hike.




4 miles

1.5-2 hours


Fair. During the week, parking in the residential area near the trail head is easy and legal. On weekends, be prepared to walk a distance of anywhere between .5 and 1.5 miles depending on how many cars arrive early in the morning.

Notable Features:
  • Hollywood Sign. Perhaps the most famous gem associated with Los Angeles.
  • Panoramic views of distinct Los Angeles regions: DTLA, LA coastline, Burbank, and many others.
  • A diverse selection of fauna and flora. Horses at Sunset Ranch!

3000 N Beachwood Dr, Los Angeles, CA, 90068, USA. Use this address to navigate toward the trail head. If on weekends, be prepared to do some backpedaling to find parking along Beachwood Drive.

The Hike:

Begin trekking up the fire trail. After a short distance, Sunset Ranch will appear. More likely than not, its charming smell will reach noses before coming into sight.


After stopping to admire horses within the ranch, continue right and up along a dirt path. This dirt path will provide multiple chances to overlook Los Angeles. Eventually, a fork in the road will steer hikers along a left or a right path. Take the left path which will wrap up and around. A clearing to the left will appear after a brief ascent. This location enables hikers to view the Hollywood Sign from a close vantage point.


After stopping for a quick water/picture break at this clearing, hike onward and upward towards the tower pictured on the right. This path will take hikers above and behind the Hollywood Sign to an open hilltop near the tower. From here, enjoy a 360° view of Los Angeles! Take a beautiful landscape shot of Burbank (left), DTLA (right), or (below) a fun picture of strangers taking a selfie with LA as the backdrop!

Burbank-Hollywood-Sign-Hike DTLA-Hollywood-Hike Hollywood-Hike-Selfie

Hiker’s Hint #02:

Invite a coworker, chat, and seal friendship over delicious food.

Thanks Mita for the hike, photo, and brunch! Follow her amazing adventures, discoveries, and insights on all things LA at https://meetla.wordpress.com/author/meetla/


breakfast burrito

Beer and Breakfast Burritos with Bob

Keeping this post short and sweet just like the time I spent with my big brother this past weekend. Bearing few physical similarities, my brother and I often joke as to who was adopted in our family. My brother uncannily resembles a younger version of my father while I share the same demeanor and Testa looks as my mother. Despite outward differences, however, I have grown closer to my older sibling in the past few years and attribute this brotherly bond to time spent over shared drink and food. Finding time to catch up with Bob is difficult as we both work full-time jobs and live in different cities. Spending cool nights together in the backyard at our home in Newport Beach while sharing a few (maybe more than a few) beers, such as this past weekend, gives us the perfect opportunity to dive into each other’s lives after time spent apart. Although the hours are brief and fade quickly into the darkness of night, I awake the next morning brightened by the host of commonalities I discover between Bob and myself. Similar experiences, coinciding interests, parallel fears and a deep love for IPAs. Put simply, time spent together with Bob over beer makes me happy and strengthens our brotherly bond into something infinitely more—a mutually supportive, respectful and caring friendship that reaps bountiful benefits, such as ridiculously large and delicious breakfast burritos the following morning. Oscar Wilde wrote, “After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.” Mr. Wilde speaks the truth. I, however, prefer to view drink and food as a proactive means of growing closer to the thoughts, actions,and being of my brother rather than distancing myself from any apparent or subtle differences that define us as individuals. For in spending time with and growing closer to a relative, one is able to create incredible opportunities in ensuing days.